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Commission for Ravemunch by StellarDeer Commission for Ravemunch by StellarDeer
Deez for :iconravemunch:

The first one is that super awesome design that I loved, but.... I just COULD NOT get the colors to match the awesomeness of the first time I made it D:
it just isn't... it'll never be the same, you know. and after I made it, I turned up the contrast on my computer to 100% and found that it was a LOT duller than I thought. so I adjusted the colors.
sooo if your computer has a lower contrast than mine, and these are really bright, just know that.. that's why.

So yeah, I don't want to sell that one anymore. because I don't like it now XD
i mean, I like it. but I don't like it as much and I'm more happy to let you have it. because the design itself is still the bomb-diggity. i just couldn't get teh colors correct enough.

The second one is the one with squares you suggested. now. it's kind of poorly done because I had just come home from Vega's party and I was RLY FKIN TIRD. and I couldn't draw correct.
But, this is what I was going for: [link]
I was GOING to download a brush for GIMP that made patterns like that, but the stupid file wouldn't open and I tried to download something that would convert the file so I could open it, but THAT file wouldn't open either. so I was running around doing things and trying to figure out wtf was wrong with my computer, and I realized that it could have already been finished with the design in the time that it took me to find all this crap.

and the light purple-blue part is supposed to be squares, too, but... they look more like.. blobs.

the third one. It's circle like you wanted. and .. I couldn't really find the right colors for this one, but I think this looks okay.

then the last one... omg, I just did that one. I'm not fully satisfied but I don't know what to do with it.
and I'm fully awake for that one, it's just poorly done because I rushed through it :1

If you don't like the entire design on any of them, I'll change it.
you have freedom over the colors and any small adjustments that you'd like to make yourself. c:

8:points: each!

and just because I want to make it easier for you:
#1 has 7 colors.
#2 has 5 colors.
#3 has 6 colors.
#4 has 5 colors.
(non include the mouth)

These design were created by me and belong to ~RaveMunch

For information on my commissions, see here: [link]
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Submitted on
May 29, 2012
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